Funding our Future Sports Hero's

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New Zealand has many great local sports clubs, clubs that are innovative and have the potential to provide a positive impact on the health and well being of New Zealand Communities.

Unfortunately due to a lack of sufficient sports funding and/or sports grants these clubs often never achieve their full potential. 

The more successful Sports clubs now acknowledge that Charitable Trust fundraising needs to become an ongoing activity in order to provide long term sustainability and growth for the club.  

The application to Charitable Trusts for sports funding should form an integral part of every club business plan. A disciplined approach to applying for sports grants will reward clubs admirably with additional funding for a wide variety of capital projects and new initiatives. 

The application to Charitable Trusts on the behalf of Sports clubs is no different to any other type of funding application with success dependent on a strong 'case for support'. 

There are many factors that the funder will take into consideration when assessing a funding application from a sport club. It is important to be aware of what these factors are and incorporate as many as possible in your 'case for support'. 

It is critical at this time that careful consideration is given to proposal writing and the construction of the actual funding application so as to maximise your chances of success.

FundingNZ has extensive experience in funding applications to most New Zealand Charitable Trusts and has the necessary expertise to make applications on the behalf of Sports Clubs.

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