Assisting Not for Profits with their Charitable Trust grant applications for over 20 years.


FundingNZ has been assisting Not for Profits with their Charitable Trust grant applications for over 20 years. In this time,  many NGO’s  have achieved a high level of respect and trust within the Charitable Trust sector.

Their reputation has created the opportunity for the development of many new initiatives that are now providing great benefit to the community.

One of the reasons for their success can be attributed to the relationships they have created with  Charitable Trusts. These symbiotic relationships have been developed after many years of applying for grants and sharing their story with funders.

These NGO’s are now at a point where a ‘shared vision’ exists between both parties, providing them with the opportunity to introduce new ‘cases for support’ i.e. new initiatives.

Developing a trustworthy profile within the funding community can take many years to establish. One needs to identify who is willing to support you and who is not. With a continued reduction in Government funding being experienced throughout the sector most clients are now aware that their future sustainability  relies heavily on Charitable Trust funding.

At FundingNZ we focus on strategies that will reduce your reliance on one single income stream i.e. Government and broaden your revenue base. In the current funding environment, Charitable Trust funding is now considered critical to future growth and sustainability.

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It is acknowledged that New Zealand has too many Not for Profit organisations, with a rationalisation in the sector well overdue. This situation has created an extremely competitive environment for funding within the sector, which is proving to be the catalyst for the demise of some, whilst creating steady strong growth for others.

Historically it was easy to take a simplistic approach to Charitable Trust application and view it only as a method to gather additional funding when needed, however this strategy no longer works.  The preferred strategy is to adopt Charitable Trust application as an integral part of the marketing mix, as it provides the opportunity to share your mission and vision with the philanthropic sector as well as the community on a regular basis.

Charitable Trust funding application is now considered by most as a marketing activity that is essential to the future sustainability of the organisation and offers synergy to other initiatives for growth, both online and offline.

Many NGO’s now recognise they need to become more proactive in raising funds from Charitable Trusts, as this is a valuable resource that is exclusively available to NGO’s only. We regularly work with Governance Boards assisting them in adopting a longer perspective to Charitable Trust funding.

Our services can include the formulation of business plans as well as funding strategies.

There are some incredible opportunities arising in the Charitable sector over the next decade, opportunities that will make an enormous difference to the sustainability of those organisation that are quick to embrace these changes.

Our focus is to assist those organisations in their quest for growth and sustainability.