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Over 20 years experience writing community grant applications to Charitable Trusts for grants and funding in New Zealand 

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New Zealand has many amazing Not for Profits that have the potential to provide a positive impact on the health and well- being of New Zealanders.

Unfortunately many Not for Profits never reach their full potential due to a lack of funding...

A situation that could have been avoided if they had simply implemented a funding strategy for Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trust funding is a resource available to all Not for Profit organisations, but utilised fully by only a few….

Most Not for Profits we speak with say … “making funding applications is too hard” … “we are too busy”

”we simply don’t have the staff available or the time”….." We forgot to apply"......”Our results are inconsistent, we know we could do better” ! .... 

Our answer is " Yes your results should be consistent and you can do better, and  there is an easier  way of raising grants for your organisation ....Guaranteed.

Obtaining sufficient funding can be very difficult for many community organisations due to many New Zealand Charitable Trusts closing, amalgamating or restricting their levels of donation. Applying for funding is competitive and has a lot to do with building relationships, and like all relationships, it takes time. 

Grant Applications

FundingNZ has long standing relationships with most Charitable Trusts in New Zealand including:

New Zealand Lottery Grants, Cogs, Lion Foundation, Southern Trust, Pub Charity, The Trusts Charitable, NZ Community Trust, Sky City Community Trust and Foundation North. 

Our previous experience in managing non profit organisations provides us with empathy, knowledge and understanding of the particular funding needs of community organisations. We also have developed over the last 20 years in-depth knowledge and strong relationships within the New Zealand Charitable Trust sector.

Combining the two areas of expertise, FundingNZ  has developed its own unique application strategy and process when applying to Charitable Trusts that has proved to be extremely successful. As part of this process  we work closely with non profit organisations to identify their goals and to create a funding plan that will support and assist in the achievement of these goals.

This is a rewarding process as it helps organisations identify and focus on their key objectives and formulate a funding strategy that is synergistic to those objectives. A well constructed funding plan will keep the organisation focused on achieving key objectives. 

For most clients grant application includes all of the processes listed below :

·      The Business Strategy - Your 6 Key Objectives

·      The Funding Plan - Your Short & Mid Term Strategy

·      Funding Application - Your 12 month Funding Plan

·      Proposal and Grant writing

Funding applications must promote the organisation's mission, image, culture and objectives to funders in the most positive light. While providing a conclusive "Case for Support" a successful funding proposal needs to also provide "Donors with a Vision".          

Creating successful funding proposals is our specialty. 

The Charitable sector has become extremely competitive and therefore it is essential that you become pro active with your fundraising. Many clients have noticed that they can no longer rely on regular channels for financial support, so its vital that new relationships are formed to offset any drop in grant income from existing providers. It is a time to strengthen and extend your relationships, clarify your vision and mission and “restate your story” to existing and new funders. 

FundingNZ can assist you in creating relationships with new funders, many of whom you may not know exist. Working with you, we will create your case for support and write the applications for you to submit to funders.

Whether it is just 1 application or over 40 applications, contact us today and take the first step today towards future sustainability.